Wine Cozy
category: Jims Guatemala

morral74bSM.jpgThe women of our artisans’ co-op have been getting excited about trying some alternate products. We want to encourage that, as experimentation and creativity are not much valued around here. Petronela, one of our better crafters and the de facto leader of the co-op, made this lovely wine bottle cozy. No matter that they have no idea what wine is; they are game for about anything. Another woman made a second one, but it came out a little small and is nearly impossible to get onto a wine bottle, so we can’t sell it. I guess that’s the nature of R&D, right?  

You can check out the new product, as well as our current offerings, on our Etsy store. I am pleased to say that the quality and attractiveness of the morrales has been constantly going up, and if we can’t sell these by the end of our service, I won’t mind taking a few of them home for myself.

Posted by: jfanjoy