The next great frontier
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Greetings all, and happy new year.

I’ve not written since last fall, but I had an interesting discussion last week that made me realize I have a loose end to tie up. While talking to my friend Missy (who has occasionally posted comments on this blog) about our next great adventure, she asked if I was going to blog it like I did our Peace Corps experience. That had been my plan, but now I realize that it’s possible that some of you who read THIS blog might be interested in the next one.

It’s going to be a bit different, but in some ways the same. We won’t be living in a foreign country, working for the US government, teaching health, or learning to get along in a rural Mayan community. Instead, we will be living in a state new to us, working for ourselves and community organizations, teaching nutrition, and learning how to get along in a rural American community. ¬†We’re starting a farm, from scratch.

This project is the happy accident of a lot of things we learned in Guatemala, and I’ve explained it in detail here on our new website, The new blog has all the same functionality as this one, as far as comments and RSS feeds and so forth, so if you’re interested after reading the intro, please consider participating. I look forward to hearing your two cents worth.

Thanks for all your support through the hard times. It was great.


ps: I’m still working away on the book, and I’ll send out info when it’s ready. I’m shooting for sometime before 2012, when the world will end.

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