Latrine plans are here
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direction_cover.jpgAfter posting articles here, here, and here about the composting latrines we construct, I received several requests for more detailed information on how the LASF composting latrines are put together. So, I made a set of simple-to-follow instructions that other Peace Corps volunteers or interested parties can use to build their own. It has a required tools list, a materials list, a construction schedule, and step-by-step instructions. It’s filled with illustrations, too, to make it easier to understand.

You can download it here in .pdf format, and it’s about 7.4 MB.

These plans are the first release, so are missing a few noncritical things such as the exact prices on steel and PVC tubes. I will update it in the next few weeks. If you use my directions and find them useful (or hate them), please leave useful criticism or wildly supportive attaboys in the comments section. Thanks.

saritaSM.jpgAnd if you like my illustrations and writing style, you might want to check out the book I published a few years ago, Teaching Archery to Kids. Ewww, shameless plug, I know… but book royalties from preexisting works are one of the few ways Peace Corps volunteers are allowed to earn income during service, and I gotta support my Sarita ice cream habit somehow. Ha!  

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