How does your garden grow?
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20090615a.jpg 20090615b.jpg

My dad was wondering how the greenhouse was doing, so I realized that other people might wonder as well. It’s coming along well, and amazes all who see it. The pictures show most of the stuff that is growing, and the cucumbers even have flowers and tiny cucumbers, so looks like we’ll get produce! You can click on a picture to enlarge it. Not shown are the string beans. The pumpkin plant is growing like a kraken, I am glad I only planted one or else it would eat the entire greenhouse.

Outside, we have yet more broccoli (it’s a cold weather plant, so will probably be happier outdoors, I’m just planting it in both places as an experiment) as well some spinache and a LOT of radishes. But that’s good; radish is popular with the locals, and the leaves are really nutritious. In fact, I just gave some radishes away today!

What you don’t see are all the failures. Besides the plants listed above, we planted and got nothing from onions, carrots, peas, basil, and hot pepppers. Back to the drawing board on those, I guess.

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