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I have been using SketchUp software for years. It’s a neat, easy-to-use, and FREE program that lets you do 3D models of just about anything. I started using it back when I worked at US Architects, to do preliminary designs for buildings. It’s also been useful in my Peace Corps service, to make computer models of sanitary infrastructure like latrines and water tanks. It generates clear, easy-to-understand drawings I can show to villagers and other PCVs who aren’t technically oriented.

When Don approached me about the Mayan school, I modeled it in SketchUp, of course. As I was refining the design, I posted a few drawings on a user forum, and soon thereafter, I got word from Google. Yep, THE Google. Google is the parent company of SketchUp, and they wanted to post my designs for the Mayan school on their blog as a way to show alternate uses for SketchUp in the architectural community. You can read the post at the Google SketchUp blog, here:

And it wasn’t just one guy at Google. Another fellow emailed me as well, and he wanted permission to use some of the Mayan school drawings at their booth at the AIA (American Institue of Architects) convention in June. Now THAT’S exciting! I never thought my work would appear at an AIA convention. I wonder if my alma mater would be proud?

As a side note, our site visits spiked to over 300 hits yesterday. Not the record (401), but about twice our average. Go Google! And I just got word, I’ve made the Peace Corps Facebook page as well.

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