By the Numbers
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For all you left-brain people, we collected some objective, quantatative data to summarize what was actually a very subjective, qualatative experience. During our time in the Peace Corps, there were…

6,506 pictures taken (Jaime)

4,735 hits on the blog in our busiest month (June 2010)

3,706 pictures taken (Emily)

3,476 dollars of Uncle Sam’s money spent on infrastructure

417 blog entries posted

400 trees planted

300+ chickens vaccinated

295 square meters of concrete floor installed

271 pounds of baggage brought back on the flight home

209 women trained in preventive health

92 morrales produced by Temux Mayan Artisans

91 formal health lectures given

46 posters drawn

31 pounds lost (Jaime)

30 pounds lost (Emily)

29 gringoes who visited our home *

27 months spent living in Guatemala

18 computers delivered

16 stoves built

13 articles published in the Logansport Pharos-Tribune

12 other volunteer sites visited **

9 water tanks built

4 latrines built

3 confirmed types of parasites contracted (Emily)

3 nights spent hospitalized (Jaime)

2 lives changed forever

0 times victimized by crime

* visitors we had: the 4 witches, karen, elke, devin, robin, elena, mike, millie, alta, anne, dan, zack, joe, katy, matt, sarah, norm, steve, donaldo, alice, charlotte, 3 trainees, katal, nick. Wow, that’s a lot!

** PCV sites we visited: alta, charlotte, S&M, K&J (both sites), sara furman, N&K, anne, kristin, dan, cat, kaying

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