Project: Latrines


The Big Latrine Project

For those of you at home who are interested, I want to do more latrine projects. My plan is to use whatever donations I can get to offset half the cost of materials for anyone in our village who wishes to make their home healthier with a “proper” latrine. Then, we will build it together. If any of you readers (or any of your friends/ relatives/ coworkers) are interested in sponsoring a sanitary latrine in Guatemala, email me at Total material cost for a latrine is about $300, so by donating $150 you or your loved ones can help a Mayan family to help themselves. I will even get you pictures of your sponsored family.

We constructed the first latrine with Don Marcos; if you’d like to read about how the project went, there are two blog posts about it:

Don Marcos’s Latrine construction, part 1

Don Marcos’s Latrine construction, part 2

We also have some other interesting links if you’d like to learn more:

Plans for the LASF latrine (by yours truly)

A model of the LASF latrine that you can download and view with SketchUp