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Welcome to our Peace Corps journal!

We are Jim and Emily Fanjoy, two Peace Corps volunteers who lived and worked in a rural Mayan community in the highlands of Guatemala. We arrived in-country in April of 2008 and returned to the US in July of 2010. Our two year program is called Healthy Homes. In a nutshell, our job is to teach our villagers the importance of hygiene and sanitation in preventing diseases- before they get sick. Then, we help them to construct sanitary infrastructure such as improved latrines, efficient woodburning stoves, and concrete kitchen floors. But in reality, our job is WAY more complex than that, so to find out more you will have to start reading the blog. Enjoy!

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Membership and comments are now closed

While we were active in the Peace Corps, this blog was open to all comers, and we encouraged user comments on any of the posts. We enjoyed the dialogue and feedback we received from our readers, making the blog a valuable part of our Peace Corps service and a surprisingly important lifeline to our lives back home. To all who participated, thank you. Now that we’ve finished our service, we are going to leave the blog online, as an archive of our experiences. However, we’ve closed the membership section and disabled new comments. In part, this helps preserve the blog as history, but more importantly, it makes the blog stronger against hijacking by spammers and other internet attacks… as well as greatly reducing the amount of extraneous email I receive daily.

So, thanks to those of you who pitched in to make this blog the best it could be. And for those of you that only just now found it, I hope you enjoy reliving two amazing years of our lives.

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